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Just some of my favorite people I have been fortunate enough to write about.

Hi …

I’m Dave Price and I operate a writing/speaking//tour guiding practice in Washington, DC. Prior to starting my practice in 2019, I was a journalist (10 years) and an educator and educational consultant (34 years).

In my practice, I am focusing on 3 subjects:

  • the Baby Boomer generation
  • classic rock and
  • issues of aging, especially as they affect men

As a Book Author: I am awaiting publication (now set for late October) of my first book in my 3-book series on classic rock entitled Come Together: How the Baby Boomers, the Beatles and a Young Counterculture Combined to Create the Music of the Woodstock Generation.

As a Freelance Writer: I am a senior contributor to the digital hub Booming Encore

As a Speaker: I design and deliver talks, interactive presentations, and programs for the Smithsonian Museums here in DC.

As a Tour Guide: I lead First Amendment tours at the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue.

As a Workshop Presenter: I design and deliver customized nonfiction writing workshops to agencies, institutions, and businesses in the DC area.

My website that you are currently viewing – Write On with Dave Price -contains my writings, my photos, and articles of interest from others dealing with the Baby Boom generation (those of us born between 1946 and 1964), classic rock (music from the ’50s/’60s/’70s) and those aging issues that are affecting us Boomers as we age today.

Here is a link to an online version of what academics call a CV and most of us call a resume. You can find out more there about who I am and what I have done there. Thanks for checking out my writer/speaker/tour guiding page. I hope you find things here to interest you and keep you coming back.

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