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I’m a retired journalist and educator now operating a freelance writing/speaking/consulting practice in DC focusing on 4 subjects - the Baby Boom generation, classic rock, issue on aging, and grand-parenting.

Living Where You Love Vs. Living Near Your Grandkids

By Dave Price This article 1st appeared in Sixty and Me Recently, Judy, my wife of 44 years, and I experienced a difficult family situation probably best captured by a rephrasing of the oft-repeated lines from the popular song by … Continue reading

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If 2016 Had a Theme Song, It Would Be ‘All Things Must Pass’

By Dave Price 1st Published in Booming Encore Under a somber November sky, as they waited for the plane arriving into Washington from Dallas, author Mary McGrory turned to then presidential aide, later-to-be Senator from New York Daniel Patrick Moynihan … Continue reading

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David Bowie: How Can That Voice Not Be Here Anymore?

By Dave Price 1st published in Booming Encore Shirley Giddens remembers with absolute certainty her surroundings when she first heard the news. It was early morning and she was in her kitchen getting ready for the drive to the South … Continue reading

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The Pope and Science Agree: Listen to Your Grandparents

When the Pope talks, you better listen. And when he gives you homework, you best do it. Earlier this month, Pope Francis told a group of Italian children they should frequently listen to their grandparents, ask them questions, and tell … Continue reading

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Sewing the Seeds from One Generation to Another

  This article 1st appeared in Medium As a writer on social media, you never really know what will impact your audience. For example, a recent post on my Facebook page set a personal page page record for likes in … Continue reading

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Pinning Down The Powerful Pluses of Acupuncture

  This article 1st appeared in Sixty and Me  If my wife had never scolded me on that Sunday, I probably never would have gone to my first acupuncture session. And if it weren’t for acupuncture, I’m certain I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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When It Comes to Grandkids, How to Turn Christmas Gifts from No-No-Nos to Ho-Ho-Hos

This article 1st appeared in Sixty and Me With less than a week left until Christmas, family members all over the world are making silent, solemn, last-minute promises to be nice and not naughty this season when they gather together … Continue reading

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