Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi …

I’m Dave Price, a former journalist and educator, who now operates a freelance writing/speaking/tour guiding practice in Washington, DC.

In my writing, I’m focusing on 3 subjects:

  • the Baby Boomer generation
  • classic rock and
  • issues of aging

I’m writing about all 3 areas as a featured contributor to both  Booming Encore and  Sixty and Me online magazines.  I have created and continue to curate, write for, and publish an individual blog on each of the subjects, as well as manage related social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.

I am also researching a book planned to be published in 2019 tentatively titled Rock of Agers: How the Songs, Sights, and Sounds of the Classic Rock Era Still Reverberate Today.

As a speaker, presenter, and guest lecturer, I:

  • deliver talks on active aging, lifestyles, and working after retirement
  • offer researched, interactive presentations on classic rock topics of special interest to residents of the DC metropolitan area
  • direct writing workshops for seniors, students, and job-seekers and
  • guide small-group walking tours around the nation’s capital to visit sites associated with Baby Boomer history or the classic DC rock scene.

My consulting partner Hosiah Huggens Jr. and I periodically present In Black and White: Dialogues to Deepen Democracy, which are live, interactive programs of talk and exploration examining specific political, sociological, or historical issues vital to DC residents.

A secondary aim of In Black and White is to help participants:

  • recognize and respect differences in both people and ideas.
  • restore a sense of civility to public discussion by focusing on policies, not personalities and
  • readily realize distinctions between facts and opinion.

I also curate and publish the blog Recovering Respect, which I designed to accompany our In Black and White programs.

Here is a link to an online version of what academics  call a CV and most of us know as a resume. You can find out more there about who I am and what I have done.

Again, thanks for checking out my writer’s page. I hope you found things here to interest you.  If you have any questions or comments, just use the link to the Write On with Dave Price contact form displayed in the banner menu on the Home Page.