Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi …

I’m Dave Price and I operate a writing/speaking/consulting/tour guiding practice in Washington, DC. Prior to starting my freelance practice in 2017, I was a journalist (10 years) and an educator and educational consultant (29 years).

In my practice, I focusing on 3 subjects:

  • the Baby Boomer generation
  • classic rock and
  • issues of aging

I’m writing about all 3 areas as senior writer to the digital media hub Booming Encore and as a featured contributor to Sixty and Me  an online magazine which reaches about 250,000 English-speaking women worldwide.  I have created and continue to curate, write for, and publish , 2 blogs – Talking ‘Bout My Generation and The DC Day Tripper – as well as manage related social media sites for the blogs on Facebook and Twitter.

I am also researching a book planned to be published in 2019 tentatively titled Rock of Agers: A 5-Decade Trip Through Classic Rock from 1964 to Today, as well as a special DC guidebook geared for Baby Boomers.

As a tour guide, I currently offer 1st Amendment tours at the Newseum, which I designed especially for Baby Boomers

As a speaker, presenter, guest lecturer, and consultant I:

  • deliver talks on active aging, Boomer lifestyles, and working after retirement
  • offer researched, interactive presentations on classic rock topics of special interest to residents of the DC metropolitan area and
  • direct writing workshops for seniors, students, and job-seekers

Here is a link to an online version of what academics call a CV and most of us know as a resume. You can find out more there about who I am and what I have done.

Again, thanks for checking out my writer’s page. I hope you found things here to interest you and keep you coming back.