Want Tickets; Best Have Luck and $$$

This article 1st appeared in Booming Encore

If you are planning to get tickets to an anticipated concert or a special event with a highly popular star, you better be financially well-off. Or lucky. Or, even better, both.

Securing seats at some events has become as difficult as finding that proverbial leprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Although, if you were able to find that full pot, it might give you a better chance of getting those elusive, highly-sought after concert seats.

Now I understand that entertainment is a business and is governed by the same economic laws as other enterprises. When the demand (for tickets) exceeds the supply (of tickets), some people are going to be left out.

But that is only part of the problem.

While tickets are sold at hefty prices – $100 to $225 seems to be the current average for the best seats at regular concerts – many tickets are scoffed up by resellers and scalpers, and then offered to fans at exorbitant rates of profit.

For example, there are currently two $850 tickets for Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming solo Broadway show available for $8,500 each.

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