Solving the Inheritance Dilemma: Who Gets the Family Treasures?

Who gets grandma’s yellow pie plate?

At first glance, this seems like such an innocuous query. However, the possible answers to such questions are sparking small inter-and-intra-generational conflicts all over the country.

As the elderly parents of Baby Boomers die or as aging Baby Boomers downsize or die themselves, there arises a huge issue. How do you best dispose of all the personal property, collections, and keepsakes that have been acquired over the decades?

In some cases, nobody wants grandma’s pie plate. Many of today’s younger generations have more mobile lifestyles or live in much smaller accommodations than their elders and truly don’t have room for such items. Then there are others who don’t attach the same sentimental value to certain items that their predecessors did and simply don’t want them.

Of course, sometimes the converse is true. Several family members may want Grandma’s well-used pie plate since they want to treasure it to remember grandma and all her loving greatness.

To keep reading this article, which 1st appeared in Sixty and Me, click here.



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