Targeting In On a Tough-to-Get Christmas Gift


This article 1st appeared in Medium 

It’s a Christmas-season problem that families all over America have probably experienced at one time or another. But this year it involved our niece Tara, which, of course, meant it also involved her favorite Aunt Judy, who just happens to be my wife of 43 years. Ergo, I also got sucked in.

Tara’s two youngest daughters wanted what is this year’s most difficult holiday item to find (which, because of Santa involvement and the possibility of lawsuits, I will only identify here as Match-ibles).

Apparently, according to Money magazine, these are interactive stuffed animals that a child gets to help hatch from an egg and then teach to walk, talk, and play.

They cost between $60 and $70 in stores. But that is where the problem comes in. You see this season’s must-have toy is virtually sold out in stores and on major retailer websites.

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