When It Comes to Aging, Don’t Drop the Soap

They told me one day I would feel old, but I just refused to believe them.

Age 30. Then 40 – 50 – 60, now 64. Nope, not old.

Grey hair. White hair. Thinning hair. Definitely more hair in my ears and my nose than on the growing bald spot on the back of my head. Still didn’t feel old. Besides, that’s what small scissors are for.

An expanding stomach. Creaking bones. Getting up at night to pee. Still no significant difference.

Hey, I thought, maybe I’m impervious to aging and its supposed ravagings.

But then today all that changed.

I had to face the fact that maybe I really am old.

What happened, you ask?

Well, I still use bar soap.

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One thought on “When It Comes to Aging, Don’t Drop the Soap

  1. Oh, bullshit–bar soap is far superior. It’s cheaper, its packaging doesn’t fill up landfills like bottles with pumps, and it doesn’t need added chemicals to keep it in liquid form (shudder). If you rinse that sucker off after each use, it’s as clean as you are, just don’t use it to wash the dog or anything.

    I go one step further and buy the simplest, purest stuff out there: Kirk’s Original Coco Castile Soap. It doesn’t exactly have the aromatic potency of Irish Spring but that’s part of the allure for it’s devoted followers. When you’re fresh and clean, whaddaya need perfume for?



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