Dana Fuchs: Serene Singing Angel, Sexy Devil Temptress, or Both?

Given that it’s the musical child of the sacred – gospel – and the supposedly sacrilegious – blues – it’s not surprising that rock n’ roll often reflects a spiritual crisis that plays out in both its music and its musicians.

Sometimes, you can see these two spiritual sides play out in one performance. Such was the case earlier this year if you were on the Rock Legends IV Cruise and saw Dana Fuchs, the very last artist listed on the bill, perform.

Now if you don’t know who Dana Fuchs is, stop reading this post right now, open your browser, search her name, and read, view, and listen to as much as you can about her.

Fuchs, a transplanted-Southerner who now calls New York City home, is best known for her performance in the Beatles-inspired movie All Across the Universe and as Janis Joplin in the off-Broadway play about the tragic 60s blues singer.

To me, Fuchs is also one of the three best (Joan Osborne and Grace Potter being the better-known two) females keeping the classic rock tradition alive today.

To read the complete article, click here.

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