Blues 101: Now for Some Morning Maniac Music

Live rock music has always been considered night music. But what if a 10 o’clock start meant 10 a.m., not 10 p.m?

Well, that was exactly the unusual situation that Kim Simmonds, one of Britain’s most heralded blues guitarists and the founder of the band Savoy Brown, found himself in recently in the Atlantic Ocean as the day’s opening performer on the Rock Legends IV Cruise., which offered live music from 10 a.m. until 1 or 2 a.m. each day of the 4-day trip.

“Tonight … Oh man I mean this morning we’re going to try to wake you up,” Simmonds told the crowd, which was collectively yawning and stretching before him in front of the 11th deck outdoor stage. “If you had seen me at 8 a.m. in the coffee shop, you would have been pretty scared. Looking at me drinking my coffee you would have thought, ‘Can this guy really play?'”

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