When It Comes to Music Concerts Today, It’s a Family Affair

When rock poet laureate Bob Dylan 1st came up with his classic protest song “The Times, They Are a-Changin,” in the early 1960s, he was writing about an America that was deeply divided and defined by issues of war, racism, and an immense generation gap.

Take the music industry, which Dylan has been a part of now for 50 years. His music is no longer the sole province of the hip, socially-aware set. It’s everywhere. You can walk down any busy street in America and hear people from 9 to 90 humming a Dylan tune. In fact, in what Dylan himself would have once thought was a complete sellout, his songs have been used in recent days to sell everything from ladies’ underwear to Greek yogurt. Currently, Dylan himself is in heavy videoplay debating language, creativity, and change with IBM computer Watson. 

This music for all ages was definitely not in vogue when Dylan songs 1st hit the AM radio airways and record stores (remember those record stores, stocked and stacked with turntable-playable 45s and LPs). Music was a measure of the generation gap …

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