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Communing with the Spirits of the Past, Present, and Future

Yesterday was the first of what I hope will be many special days in the spiritual development of my granddaughter Audrey. She celebrated her First Holy Communion in the All Saints Catholic Church. Now I have no idea how Audrey’s … Continue reading

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Dana Fuchs: Serene Singing Angel, Sexy Devil Temptress, or Both?

Given that it’s the musical child of the sacred – gospel – and the supposedly sacrilegious – blues – it’s not surprising that rock n’ roll often reflects a spiritual crisis that plays out in both its music and its … Continue reading

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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow …

For Russell Mitchell and Richie Nocella, who were too soon taken from this Earth to be once again a part of the Cosmos, and to Steve Ferrera and Dr. Robert Wilkinson, who are still here. And a special shout-out to … Continue reading

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Artimus Pyle: A Great Drummer, A Simple Man

If famed former baseball manager and player Leo Durocher had known Artimus Pyle, he might not have been so certain of his noted quip: “Nice guys finish last”. Pyle, 67, is the original drummer for the classic Southern Rock band … Continue reading

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Bruce Springsteen and Donald Trump: 2 Bosses, 2 Bases, and the Fate of the American Dream

How is a Donald Trump political rally like a Bruce Springsteen concert? Let me count the ways. Now I admit before last week, I had never really considered comparing the two. But on Thursday, I attended a Bruce Springsteen concert … Continue reading

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Requiem: A Few Thoughts on the Passing of Old Friends

It comes with aging. As happens more and more frequently since I have entered my 7th decade, two big pieces of the once-completed puzzle of my teenage years have been removed. Last week, I learned that Bucky Hayes, whom I had … Continue reading

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Finding a Meal with a Side of Romance at the Waffle House

Dixie has always demonstrated a dichotomy when it comes to its men and romance. On one hand,  you have the chivalric, courtly charms of the Southern gentleman as embodied in such characters as Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind. … Continue reading

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